Tick'd off

Today was a sad day.  We found our first tick on Biggie :( 
Ticks are nasty parasitic creatures that prey on dog's (and human's) blood.  They're kind of like a cross between spiders and vampires (not the Twilight kind).  Anyhow, aside from being gross and a literal "pain in the neck", they can also spread harmful and incurable diseases like Lyme Disease. 
Advantix and Frontline Plus are two top products in prevention of ticks, fleas, and other nasty bugs that can infect your pet, home, and family. 
We had bought Frontline Plus (due to the better reviews of course!) but, unfortunately, I was 8 days late in applying it.  The good news is that as soon as I did, the medicine helped kill the tick immediately and made it easier to remove.  Needless to say, I have now added an alert on my calendar for the first of every month so I never forget to apply this again!  Make sure you get one of these and do the same.


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